Do You Need Secure Self Storage? We can help with all your storage needs and give you direct drive access to your unit door!

Borneo Container Services (BCS) is a high-volume container supplier at Kota Kinabalu offering used shipping containers for sale. While new storage containers can cost several thousand dollars, the pricing is more palatable for used storage containers.

Want to see what our containers look like?

Below is the actual photos. Newly re-painted; blue in color.

The containers look as good as new, and you pay about 30% to 50% less for a used storage container than you would for a new one.

Steel containers make excellent storage containers because they are designed to protect expensive trade goods from the extreme conditions of trans-oceanic shipping.

What our customer says…

“For me, the big advantage was to have all our kit on-site but safe so that i could check the dimensions of important pieces of furniture or specify colors to match particular paintings without having to get myself to a storage facility. When you’re moving or when you’re improving and you need to keep the important things in your life out of harms way, playing host to a container from BCS makes a lot of sense.”

Mr. Lawrence

Our main goals are to provide our clients with

  1. a  simple selling process,
  2. a competitive price, and
  3. a hassle free environment.


Please contact us by phone or email with details of your requirements and delivery point and we will be pleased to confirm a fixed delivered container price. Contact us now!