Refurbished used shipping containers & cabin office/house for sale and rental. The lowest affordable prices in Kota Kinabalu.

20ft & 40ft Storage/Shipping Containers:

used container kota kinabalu

Office/Cabin Conversion for sale and rental

container-kota-kinabalu1 cabin-container-kota-kinabalu

The main features of our containers are

  1. High Quality
  2. Multi- Purpose Use
  3. Complete & Secure Storage
  4. A Stable Frame Construction

The steel containers look as good as new,  excellent storage containers because they are designed to protect expensive trade goods from the extreme conditions of trans-oceanic shipping.

Our main goals are to provide our clients with

  1. a  simple selling process,
  2. a competitive price, and
  3. a hassle free environment.

Contact by telephone or e-mail for a quote…

Please contact us by phone or email with details of your requirements and delivery point and we will be pleased to confirm a fixed delivered container price.